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The Maoz Israel Summer Reading Program

As a Maoz Partner, with your gift of $25 or more*, you can request a copy of our recommended reading:

AUGUST 2013:

The Fig Tree Blossoms

The Fig Tree Blossoms
The Emerging of Messianic Judaism
by Paul Liberman

    The fig tree is the Biblical symbol for the Jewish people.
    Since thousands of Jewish people are accepting Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah, it could be said that the fig tree is blossoming. 

This book answers the following questions:

* What is stirring in Jewish hearts?
* What happened to Jews of the first century who believed in Jesus?
* Why have the Jewish people not recognized Jesus as Messiah for nearly 2,000 years?
* What is the real prohpetic significance of the Jews being re-gathered in Israel?
* How is Jewish outreach different today?
* How are Gentiles a part of God's ultimate plan for the Jews?
* What is the future of Abraham's descendants?


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JUNE 2013:

Who Ate Lunch with Abraham

Who Ate Lunch with Abraham?
The appearances of God in the form
of a Man in the Hebrew Scriptures

by Asher Intrater

     "Biblical treasures are not discovered sitting on top of one's coffee table. They have to be 'dug up.' Asher Intrater has discovered a priceless treasure and he shares it in his book, 'Who Ate Lunch with Abraham?'
     The treasure Asher discovered is the face of God. I did something I rarely do; I read this book through twice."

Dennis Lindsay, President
Christ for the Nations Institute
Dallas, TX

JULY 2013:

Identity Theft book cover - new

Identity Theft
How Jesus was Robbed of His Jewishness
by Ron Cantor

     "There are some of us Gentiles who love Jesus, love Jews, love Jesus as a Jew, and realize we were drawn into an Hebraic faith when we became Christians, and we have long hoped for better literature to serve our cause. Much that is written about Jesus as a Jew is a scolding distribution of blame rather than an ennobling call to truth.
     Ron Cantor has changed this. He uses fiction, humor, a bit of fantasy and a time traveler's imagination to tell us a tale that ought to be told. He makes us know Jesus anew.
     I am grateful and I hope he is a forerunner of a new tribe on the rise."

Stephen Mansfield
New York Times Bestselling Author


* Books with online donations available in U.S. only.
Please contact Maoz Office closest to you for ordering/availability outside the U.S.