Maoz Projects

Media Impact

We understand that reaching this generation with the Good News will require every available tool. That is why we utilize every means of modern communication—video, audio, social networking and the internet. It is also why our Media department is working on several fronts simultaneously.

For Israeli believers (and non-believers), we are producing Worship CDs with music in various genres; also, CDs and DVDs with powerful teachings, including basic theology for Messianic Jews. We also record special seminars and conferences hosted by Maoz and make those resources available.

Recently, we relaunched a website in Hebrew for Jewish non-believers, to reach them with the Good News of the Gospel in a way which relates to them culturally. We produce original content created by our team of talented young Israeli Messianic believers. Our emphasis is on video content written by Israelis who have their finger on the pulse of what other Israelis are searching for. We believe this is a crucial tool to reach this generation of Israelis who are looking for the real power of God and a relationship with Him. Now we are right there, just a "click" away, reaching out to them with the most powerful answer they could ever find—Yeshua, their Messiah.

Since most Israelis have never read a word of the New Testament, a few years ago we have produced the New Testament in Audio CD format. With the Hebrew New Testament read by an Israeli with a Middle Eastern background in a Sephardic accent, and a musical score composed and arranged to complement the reading, this audio New Testament is becoming an integral part of reaching the next generation of Israelis with the Scriptures that were written especially to our Jewish people!

And, to make it more accessible, we uploaded the entire Audio New Testament online. Now, any Hebrew speaker anywhere in the world is able to access and listen to the New Testament in their native language absolutely free! We are praying for much fruit for the Kingdom to come from this project! Even if you don't speak Hebrew, you can listen to it and get a feel of the project.

Here's some feedback we received from a reader:
I have just listened to the first three chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, read so beautifully in Hebrew, following along with my own Bible. Bless you for this wonderful resource! I am looking forward so greatly to spending time with the Lord this way, and adding a bit to my Hebrew vocabulary and pronunciation. Praise Him for such a treasure for all those who love Israel from afar. ~ Joan W.

For our partners around the world, we are producing special videos to provide more information about the ministry of Maoz Israel and our special projects. We use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest to connect personally with our readers and supporters.

We are determined to use all the tools available at our fingertips for the glory of God!

Your support of our Media department will help us reach the Israeli public with the truth that Yeshua is the Messiah, and reach more people around the world with the truth about Israel and God's plan for His people.

When you give, you bless Israel!