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Tel: 0203-740-5794
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PO Box 74083
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Stewardship and Estate Planning

Whether supported through an outright gift or planned gift, all Maoz Israel projects are made possible through the generosity and commitment of people like you. A planned gift to Maoz Israel Ministries helps to ensure the future of our mission—reaching Israel with the Good News and Reaching the Nations with the truth about Israel. 

Please Consider including Maoz Israel Ministries in your will.

Our Stewardship Department is ready and willing to help you maximize your giving by showing you sound, smart strategies when it comes to your giving.

In the U.S., contact Christy at 800-856-7060 or

In the UK, contact Brian at 0102-740-5794 or

In Canada, contact Helio at 1-866-712-0188 or

You may find it beneficial to give your next gift or year-end gift in the form of stock or mutual funds. By donating stock you are legally exempt from paying taxes on the appreciation, and you can still claim a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock. It’s a win-win situation—as well as a great example of smart stewardship.

Charitable Gift Annuities—It is possible to support Maoz Israel Ministries financially and also receive a fixed income you can count on— all through a Charitable Gift Annuity. In exchange for a gift of $5,000 or more, Maoz Israel Ministries will promise you regular payments for the rest of your life. There are several options available to suit your particular circumstances, and a Gift Annuity is simple to set up.

Will—If you need a will or need to update the will you already have, we can help you. A few minutes of planning can make a world of difference for those you love - family, friends and charities like Maoz Israel Ministries.

You can invest in Israel and make a lasting contribution to the spiritual return of the Israeli people to their God. 

Our team will be able to assist you and help you see firsthand just how far your charitable dollars or sterling can go!