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  Monthly Report: 3/1/1989  




By our being in the U.S. this year to raise funds for the Conference Center and Bible School in Israel, we have faced a number of challenges which God is using to refine us, and form us more into His image.

It is our greatest desire to see public revival meetings held in Israel. Yet, we have become aware that the preparations for such a revival in the land have not been accomplished. Although there is a great move toward unity in Israel, spiritual strongholds must yet be torn down.


God is looking for a mighty army of intercessory prayer warriors to pray for revival in Israel. At the same time God is putting us through His refining fire. After this we believe that God will release us to participate in such an endeavor.

As we know, Israel is a stronghold, both of God's forces and evil forces. Great battles take place for every inch that is taken spiritually. But we are confidant of the coming victory while aware of the battle before us!

We had planned to hold an open revival meeting in April, but now feel it is more important to participate in establishing a network of national intercession for this revival. That may take some time. But if we follow God's directions, we feel we will then have the success and fruit that is promised so clearly in His Word. But it is He Who chooses the timing, not us.


For those of you who are prayer warriors, we sincerely ask for your prayers that God would:

1. Raise up Spirit filled co-workers to labor with us.

2. Bring a supernatural bond of unity among ourselves and the leaders in Israel.

3. Help us to raise the funds for the Bible School so we can get back to Israel.

4. Pour out upon Israel a spirit of repentance.

5. Confirm His word through mighty miracles of deliverance and healing in Israel.

6. Thoroughly refine us and form us into the vessels He desires, and reveal to us His timing.

One other important piece of information for intercessors: There are a growing number of godly Israeli leaders in Israel. However, a majority have not experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit as recorded in the Book of Acts, and do not understand God still works today as He did in Bible days.

We will be going in April to Israel to pray and seek God with our Israeli brethren as to how better to work together in order to invade the forces of evil in the Land of Israel. There is no challenge that God cannot overcome, as long as we pray and are open to His purging.


We wish to note with apologies that we mistakenly wrote in a former newsletter that we were helping a Rabbi and his family while here in the States. In fact, this Orthodox man is a cantor and ritual slaughterer. He may perform in certain instances the functions of a Rabbi, when the latter is not available, for example in remote areas.

We encourage those of you who pledged support for this family while they are studying the Word of God in the States, to do so.

This family, after accepting the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua the Messiah, experienced much persecution in Israel. We are helping them to prepare themselves to preach the Good News to their fellow Jews.


There is yet time for you to go with us on our tour to Israel June 3-16. We are going to have the time of our lives showing you the Israel we love, live and minister in (see page 4).

As one of our relatives wrote us: "This sounds like the kind of tour we would love to take. Not this rushing from one town to another until everything is a blur."

If you are interested in going with us, fill out the coupon or call Master Tours, 214-881-7576. You may direct questions concerning the tour and payments to Master Tours.


We want to express our gratitude for those of you who have contributed towards an automobile for our worker Rachel Bashi in Israel. She, along with us, is praying earnestly that God will meet this need that we have, in order for her to carry out, with efficiency, the work of the Lord that she has been faithful in.

We also have needs in our office in Dallas. We must purchase a laser printer in order to typeset this newsletter. Another ministry has graciously loaned us temporarily the use of their printer; however, it is of considerable inconvenience for them to do so. Moreover, their employee who typesets our newsletter after hours is leaving in two months.

The goal of this letter is to enable you to be a mighty partner in God's plan for the salvation of Israel. This we endeavor to do by supplying you with factual information from Israel combined with Scriptural insight as to why things are happening as they are.

A laser printer will cost $3,500. This is above our regular ministry budget. We thank you for your participation in helping this newsletter to be sent to you.

In our Messiah,
Ari & Shira Sorko- Ram




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